The following is a list of forthcoming events in which I am involved or engaged. Please drop me a line if i can promote any further events on my website by contacting me here,

  • Food and Drink Federation Members Meeting – Presentation on Opportunities for Sustainable Diets for business. (20th Jan 2020, London)
  • Next Generation Plant Protein Webinar  – Plant-based protein has moved into the mainstream. How does it stay there? ( 19th February, 4.45pm)
  • CBD Global Summit– Panelist on a debate entitled ‘ Hemp: An unsung hero of sustainability?’ (16th – 17th March 2020, London).
CBD summit
  • International dialogue on the Climate Emergency and the Future of Food (Salzburg Global Seminar and the Global Alliance for the Future of Food 4th – 6th May , Salzburg, Austria PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOW ONLINE DUE TO COVID-19) – Sustainable, healthy diets lead author
  • Ecological, Climate and Human Health – Food Policies for Improved Health Breakfast Seminar ( World Health Assembly, Geneva, 20th May) – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19
  • Innovating A Sustainable Future Of Food Post-COVID-1 – As part of the Global Food Health Institute Webinar Series I will be discussing the future of food in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. ( 11th June 2020)
  • Latvian Governments Farmers Parliament – Presentation on Food & Agriculture Sustainability Trends ( 2nd July, Riga)
  • World Obesity Federation and Global Alliance for the Future of Food Webinar on ‘Obesity, COVID-19 and food systems: collective action for a healthy recovery’ as part of our work on the Food-Health Nexus. ( 10th July 2020 2.30pm – 4pm GMT)
  • Food Matters Live 2020 – The science and policy behind sustainable diets Panel: how far should policy go to nudge consumers towards sustainable diets?( 1pm – 2.30pm GMT, 13th October 2020)
  • Food Matters Live 2020 – Chair of a panel discussing The future of plant-based, vegan & meat-free retail trends ( 1pm – 1.45pm GMT, 14th October 2020)