The following is a list of forthcoming events in which I am involved or engaged. Please drop me a line if i can promote any further events on my website by contacting me here,

  • Food and Drink Federation Members Meeting – Presentation on Opportunities for Sustainable Diets for business. (20th Jan 2020, London)
  • Next Generation Plant Protein Webinar  – Plant-based protein has moved into the mainstream. How does it stay there? ( 19th February, 4.45pm)
  • CBD Global Summit– Panelist on a debate entitled ‘ Hemp: An unsung hero of sustainability?’ (16th – 17th March 2020, London).
CBD summit
  • Sustainable nutrition – how to change your food business for good Tickets, Thu 12 Mar 2020 at 18:30 | Eventbrite Sustainable nutrition is a tool which can help businesses focus on identifying strategies which address their most important nutrition, health and sustainability challenges and opportunities. In this seminar we will explore why businesses should adopt a change of practice to deliver sustainable nutrition. how food businesses can become more sustainable with examples (Event led by Barbara Bray and Sustainable Kitchen)
  • IFST Spring Conference – Presentation on Sustainable Diets and opportunities for Business innovation ( 1st April 2020, Imperial College London)
IFST.Mark Driscoll
  • International dialogue on the Climate Emergency and the Future of Food (Saltzburg Global Seminar and the Global Alliance for the Future of Food 4th – 6th May , Salzburg, Austria) – Sustainable diets lead facilitator
  • Ecological, Climate and Human Health – Food Policies for Improved Health Breakfast Seminar ( World Health Assembly, Geneva, 20th May) – Event aimed at health professionals. Lead facilitator
  • Latvian Governments Farmers Parliament – Presentation on Food & Agriculture Sustainability Trends ( 2nd July, Riga)
  • Food Matters Live 2020 – Speaker and Chair at Plantbased, Vegan & Meat-Free session at the Future of Retail Trends ( 13th-14th October 2020)