Research and Future Food Trends

Using a wide variety of stakeholder led techniques, I have extensive experience in writing policy position papers, food sustainability trends, briefings and policy white papers for a wide variety of organisations. I focus on research using robust evidence and primary, credible data sources to help organisations develop position/policy papers and other actionable insights that can be used to help meet their needs, whilst underpinning the need to move towards more sustainable food systems. I combine research with unique insights from a huge network of food system stakeholders, across a wide range of stakeholders groups (business, governments, producers and civil society) with whom I have access, as well as my own deep experience of sustainable food system challenges around the world.


1. World Health Organisation – The production of a health narrative document, in consultation with global health and food system actors, in preparation for the Food Systems Summit in 2021 ( January 2021 – Ongoing)

2.Future Food Trends – I use future food trends to help a number of organisations with their own sustainability materiality assessments including Sainsburys, IKEA, Alpro and the packaging industry. Every year I interview a number of food businesses and other organisations working on sustainable food systems to identify the top future food trends,  My top food sustainability trends for 2020 can be found here. My 2021 plant-based trends cane be found here.

3) Salzburg Climate Emergency and Food System Transformation International Dialogues – Lead author for the conference discussion paper focussing on sustainable healthy diets and opportunities for collaboration and action. For further information and a link to the paper click here. (January – July 2020)

4) External Evaluator – I am an external evaluator for a number programmes including the Rockefeller Food System vision prize, EIT Food and the EC Farm to Fork funding Programme. (Ongoing)

5) Plant-Based Eating for the Planet ( e book) – Published in  July 2019 and written for the Alpro Foundation, this e book focuses on the science behind the need to scale plant-based eating. The e book is primarily aimed at the nutritional and health communities. It can be viewed here. (completed)

6) Sustainability Advisory Boards I am a member of a number of sustainability advisory boards:

  • Plant Based Food Manufacturers Association Scientific Committee – A European plant based foods association that promotes plant based eating across Europe. ( ongoing)
  • Food and Climate Research Network Advisory Board ( ongoing)
  • SEDEX Sustainability Awards Judging Panel – For several years I have served as a judge on the SEDEX sustainability judging panel. This award aims to shine a spotlight on responsible sourcing programmes and broader sustainability initiatives, recognising those organisations going above and beyond.  
  • FAO Global Forum for Food and Nutrition (ongoing)