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I am a freelance sustainable food systems consultant with over 25 years’ experience of working on policy and practice with the aim of transforming food systems so they are sustainable, healthy and fair.

With a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of London (Wye College), I have worked with a variety of organisations including WWF,  Forum for the Future,  the National Trust , Voluntary Services Overseas and  the Duckworth Worcestershire Trust. 

For 8 years I worked as Head of the One Planet Food Programme at WWF-UK,  leading a large and complex programme to reduce the global environmental and social impacts of UK food production and consumption. This included leading the development of WWF-UK’s food strategy and subsequent innovative programmes which focus on food systems transformation. Initiatives included a policy advocacy programme, a healthy and sustainable diets programme (Livewell) and various commodity focused sustainable supply chain initiatives with a focus on sustainable fish, palm oil, soya and dairy.

I also worked as  Associate Director of Sustainable Nutrition and Food Systems with Forum for the Future, an international non-profit organisation where work focussed on running a number of international initiatives including the Protein Challenge 2040, Tea 2030 and regenerative agriculture programmes.

I have experience working on a number of global food system challenges including organisational strategies, policy work, sustainable proteins, healthy sustainable diets, food waste, value chains and regenerative agriculture.

I have been involved in advising governments, civil society organisations and businesses and continue to work with these organisations on a variety of issues including work that will enable us to meet global ambitions that underpin the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change Commitments.

In May 2023  I was also  elected as a Green Party Councillor for Malvern Hills District Council.

For more detailed information about my background please visit my LinkedIn profile here. 


I am a passionate advocate for solutions that change our relationship with food, to ensure we, as citizens, reconnect with our food, pay farmers a fair price for food and ensure we restore our own health and that of our planet. This requires new business models, new products and services and changes to our production and consumption patterns. Producers, businesses, NGO’s, investors, the R&D community, governments and citizens all have a role to play.

In me, you will find someone who listens to, understands and will commit to your needs, ensuring I deliver excellence in everything that I do. I am well networked with key stakeholders working in sustainable food systems and solutions globally and will bring in other experts if  I need to. I offer a range of services including food systems trends analysis, strategy development, project design and management, policy development and a variety of presentations at workshops/conferences.

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If you have any questions or if I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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