Welcome to Tasting the Future, a purpose driven consultancy, which brings together expert teams of trusted affiliates to deliver projects, policy and practice which can drive action for a sustainable food systems. It was established by its Founder and Director, Mark Driscoll. Mark has over 25 years experience of working on sustainable food and agricultural systems, with a wide range of organisations at a local, national and international level. This includes leading a diverse range of innovative sustainable food projects and programmes for a range of organisations, including  WWF-UK and Forum for the Future. Tasting the Future was established in 2018 and works with a wide variety of organisations including governments, funders, businesses and civil society organisations, with the aim of transforming our food system – to one that is healthy, sustainable, fair and equitable. We champion the concept of ‘sustainable nutrition‘ and manage a number of innovative, collaborative initiatives which catalyze action and innovation.

We work on a wide range of issues, including organisational strategy development (delivering on the ambitions outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals for example),  policy research work/briefings, food trends analysis, facilitation, project management and media work. Mark has extensive experience and in depth knowledge of a wide variety of sustainable food system issues including, but not limited to, sustainable diets, sustainable nutrition, technology,  plant-based eating, food waste and sustainable agriculture.

Mark is a passionate and dedicated individual who listens to a client’s needs, ensuring we deliver excellence in everything we do. We will not be afraid of providing constructive challenge where necessary. We are well networked with key stakeholders working in sustainable food systems and solutions globally and will bring in other expert, when required. In order to address the root causes of our broken food system, we need radical solutions which will transform our food system. Marks own vision for a sustainable food system can be found here

Tasting the Future works with a network of other affiliates, ensuring we draw together teams that meet our clients needs. These includes experts in health, nutrition, agriculture, policy and those experienced in systems innovation and facilitation.