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A purpose and values driven consultant who aims to transform food systems so they are sustainable, healthy, equitable and fair.

Tasting the Future was established in 2018 by me, its Founder and Director, Mark Driscoll. I am a confident, motivational and inspirational leader with international food systems experience, covering a range of topics including sustainable diets, regenerative agriculture, alternative proteins, sustainable commodities and food waste to name a few.

Over 25 years’ experience of leading a diverse range of innovative sustainable food strategies, projects, and programmes

I bring together expert teams of trusted associates to deliver strategies, projects, policy and practice which can drive action for a healthy and sustainable food system.

I have over 25 years experience of leading a diverse range of innovative sustainable food strategies, projects and programmes for a range of organisations, including the National Trust, WWF-UK and Forum for the Future. I champion the concept of ‘sustainable nutrition‘ and manage a number of innovative, collaborative initiatives which catalyse action and innovation, working with funders, innovators, food and beverage businesses and civil society organisations.

I provide a wide variety of services including thought leadership, strategy development, project management, stakeholder led and desktop based research, food trends insights, provide facilitation & workshop services, and provide expert subject matter talks/presentations on a range of sustainability trends and topics. 

My current clients include the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, WWF, The World Health Organisation, The European Commission, EIT Food, Quorn Foods and Compassion in World Farming. 

I donate 3% of income received to two food and agriculture charities – The Trussell Trust and Farm Africa.

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12 Sustainable Food Trends to Watch in 2022

12 Sustainable Food Trends to Watch in 2022

This blog explores 12 Sustainable food trends that will come to the fore in 2022. Increasing citizen awareness, investor pressure and government action around the health, environmental, social, and animal welfare impacts of or food systems, means that in 2022 the chorus to translate words into actions, to transform a food system many consider not fit for purpose, is only going to accelerate.
Trends explored in the blog include deforestation free commodities; resilience based on local diversity foods; Regenerative and agroecological farming; upcycled foods; Healthy plant rich diets; less but better meats; A just food transition; Antimicrobial Resistance; Traceability and transparency; Carbon and eco-labelling; and Packaging innovation and reductions.

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